The noun '' Kalaa" in Tamil literature has different meaning! Kaalam represents the time, the hour. Kalaa represents the one who is capable of killing anyone if he decides to take away the life, for his wrong-action. In myths Lord Yama is called Yama Dharma. It is the duty of him to finish the life of anyone, including any animals when the life span ends.Rajini-starrer Kalaa film is something different.When fans of the Super Star Rajinikanth are eagerly waiting for the film 2.0, sources to our Filmnewsrecords.blogspot.in had trickled in, that the actor's Kalaa will be released this month on April 27th. It is then only after the 2.0 will be released.Since, the 2.0 producer-director Sankar has been working out the graphic works of the film, the Kalaa producer had decided to release his fim on 27th of this month, sources from the production office said. The Rajini-Ranjith combination after the Kabali film, fans of the Super Star are expecting more from their master Rajinikanth, it is said. In Kalaa film too Rajini appears in old-man getup, but in the flashback of the story he is shown as very young, it is said. Meanwhile the fighting scene in the film was released in social media had been creating viral. Actress Easwari Rao plays opposite to Rajinikanth. G.Murali has done photography for the film and the film is produced by Wonderfar films.

Veteran actress Sridevi : No more

Renowned Actress Sridevi passed away yesterday due to cardiac arrest in Dubai where she had gone with her family to attend a wedding.

Entire film industry had expressed condolence over sudden demise of Veteran Actress.

Body of Actress is expected to arrive today evening to her Mumbai residence after which the funeral will be performed.

Nayantara photo helps police officials to catch mobile phone thiefs

By N.Thyagarajan

"A police official in Patna had played a trick by sending film actress Nayanthara Photo to catch a mobile phone thief. She told the culprit that she was in love with him and wished to meet him in a park. The culprit who was at a park was rounded off by the police team:

It is a real story of an habitual offender who used to steal only costly mobile phones. Very recently he was trapped by a woman police , Madhu Bala  Devi under whom a special investigation team was formed.

Hasnan, the habitual offender who had stolen the mobile phone of 'Sanjay Kumar, one of the senior most BJP leaders living in Darbanga near Patna. The special police team whenever traced out the whereabouts of Hasnan through the phone calls made from the stolen mobile, the team rushed to the spot, but returned sadly for not catching him. He had studied the psychology of the police officials and gave slip many a time..

Then the Police Officer Madhu Bala had started to play a trick to trap Hasnan. She had befriended with the culprit and told him she was in love with him. But Hasnan did not yield to the police officers frequent calls, being a culprit he did not trust phone calls.

Finally, she had sent the photo of our Tamil film star Nayantara, stating that it was her photo and had been waiting for his love. He did not know that it was the photo of the film actress, nor the police officer knew about it. In order to catch the culprit, she had diligently used a beautiful woman photo, which later identified that it was the photo of the actress.

After an hiatus, Madhu Bala again telephoned Hasnan asking him to meet her in a park in Darbanga. She had also told him that she was very eager to see him.

On the day  Madhu Bala had fully covered her face with Pardha, like that of a Muslim woman and was waiting for him at the park. Then she made a call to him. She had also noticed Hasnan took out the mobile from his pocket, began to converse with her. The other police officials who were waiting to arrest him on getting the signal from Madhu Bala surrounded Hasnan and arrested him.

Hasnan at the police station spilled the beans that he had bought the phone from his friends. Then the police officials took Hasnan to his friend's house and arrested him also.

Hasnan who had the photo of Nayanthara asked Madhu Bala that he wanted to see the girl who alone had sent him the photo. The Officer in reply to the culprit said that she also did not know about the girl, but some friends had told her it was the picture of a film actress.

Second marriage for actress Divya Unni held in US

 Chennai, Feb 6:

Renowned Malayalam actress Divya Unni, who has been living in the USA with her husband and children got married for the second time at the Guruvayoor Temple in Houston, USA.

The actress who has earned name through Malayalam films like Pranaya Varnangal, Friends and Akasa Ganga and also in Tamil films like Andan Adimai, Vedham, Palayathu Amman and also in other films married Dr Sudhir Sekar in the year 2002 and settled down in the US. The actress who has been blessed with two children, after the marriage, developed difference of opinion and got divorce.

The actress who has been running a dance-school in Houston, fell in love with an Engineer Arun Kumar Manikandan, who is working in the US and married him two days ago.

Tamannah at Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madurai

 Tamannah stands in queue at Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madurai

By N.Thyagarajan

Madurai, Feb 5:

When the people of Madurai are deeply watching over the developments taking place at Sri Meenakshi Amman Temple, after the last Friday's fire accident, actress Tamannah's visit to the temple today had made the people overjoyed.
Initially, the people could not believe their own eyes when they starred at the actress walking down the lanes to have darshan of Goddess Meenakshi at the temple. When an old woman identified that it was Tamannah, she followed her and shook her hands with the actress. The actress was surprised that she had been recognized by all in the town.
She did not speak to anyone, though, the language was a little barrier. The actress went inside the temple and stood in a serpentine queue waiting to have darshan of Godess Meenakshi and Sri Sundareswarar.
Though the government officials are very much in removing the debris strewn around the fire-accident spot, the people who were also watching it have started running from the site, on coming to know that the young and fair looking Tamannah, who stole the hearts of many with her impeccable performance in films is very much in the queue.
Many youngsters, including girls, shook their hands with Tamannah.
Later, it was learnt that the actress, had made a visit to Madurai for a shooting of a film with Vishaal. The shooting schedule is likely to take place at least five days in Madurai and its surrounding area for a Madurai-based story and also for its song sequence, it is said.
Vishal who too was along with the actress stood silently watching people's warm reception accorded to him and Tamannah.

Bahupali to be released on April 28th in Karnataka state

After ace-actor Sathyaraj has tendered his open apology and requesting Kannadigas to give their support in releasing the Bahupali film in Karnataka, the Kannadigas gave up their protests. It is said due to the ace actor's comments, sometime ago, against the state, the Kannadigas were opposing the release of the film in their state. Sathyaraj had done a marvellous role in the film, which would fetch him a great name in his career of acting, as it was fetched through the Onbathu Rupai Notu film.

Sathyaraj tendering an open apology to Kannadigas, has been welcomed by the Kanndigas and it is expected that the people will lend their full support for the release and success of the film, say many.

It is likely the film Bahupali will be released on April 28th, sources said.

My responsibilities increased: Vairamuthu

"Kavignar" Vairamuthu recently was chosen for the most presitigious National Award, declaring him the best lyricist. This is the seventh time the lyricist has been receiving the award. On receiving the award Mr Vairamuthu said, that it was an honour to the Tamil language. He said receiving the award had made him more responsible..

He also said that  he was just an instrument and thanked the "Dharmadurai"film crew which includes Director Seenu Ramasamy, Music director Yuvan Shankar Raja, Actors Vijay Sethupathy and others who had put in their hard work.

The song: "Vazhkai Mudivathillai" which is philosophical in its nature would keep away persons from committing sucide and also would motivate them to meet the challenges in life.

Rumours that float around Rajnikanth

There are Rumours that are going around Super Star Rajnikanth that he has invited  the members of his fan club from entire Tamil Nadu and also that it is regarding the new political mission that isgoing to begin.

It is also said that there has been a lot of changes in Rajni's activities and his wife latha Rajnikanth is going to start social service.

Rajnikanth's PRO has ignored all these rumours and requested the media to cooperate in not spreading these false news.

Did GV preserve Bruce lee's culture ?

Few Kollywood stars have false hopes that if there are millions of followers for them in social media, they can rule the film industry like a king. But the fact is fans who follow them are more clever nowadays.

In support of Jallikattu, people who came forward for preserving Tamil Culture are none other than Ragava Lawrence and Musician cum director GV Prakash kumar.

However their true color became visible from Lawrence's movie "Motta siva ketta siva" and GV Praksh's "Bruce lee" in which there were a lot of scenes against the culture of our country.

Bruce lee was considered to be the 4th consecutive flop movie for GV Prakash in which there were a lot of vulgar words. Nowadays GV Prakash stopped tweeting about his future movies and remains mum. Fans too would like to see him as a music director and not as a hero with a kiddish look speaking some unknown bad words.

A rumour short lived, people relieved from sorrow

Chennai, March 13

N Thyagarajan

An unexpected rumour on Suresh Menon which shook many of the ace actress Revathy's fans came to a halt, only when the fans came to know that Suresh Menon is alive and acting with busy schedules in Tamil films.

Later , it was learnt that Film Director Deepan has passed away in a private hospital in Cochin. The last rites for the director will take place on March 14, at his native place in Trivandrum. Though the late director's Malayalam film Leader flopped, he directed many films with Prithviraj as hero.

Deepan gave two hits, namely " Pudhiya Mugam"and Hero. Two years ago Deepan had directed Dolphins Bar with Suresh Gopi in action-cum-masala film.

The film Sathya in which Jayram had done his marvellous role, is yet to be released, before its release.


Budding Star from Malayalam film industry Athithi menon is very active in Tamil films too now. After Pattadhari, she is acting currently in Santhanadevan.
However she had seen only few of tamil movies. More importantly, Director A.L. Vijay's Madrasappattinam is her favourite as she was wonder struck with the way in which the current chennai city was potrayed before independance.

After the making of taht film, she was amazed by the maturity of the director of that film and she suspected that "Madrasapattinam" director should be some senior most person. But when she had come to chennai for pattadhaari film shooting, she met A.L.Vijay and found him to one of the budding directors.

Now she eagerly awaits for a chance in his upcoming films.


Aravind Swamy who is known for his scintillating performances as a villain in movies like Thani Oruvan, Bhogan is back as hero again.

Vanangamudi, Sathuranga vettai-2, Naragasuran are some of the movies where is playing the role of middle aged hero. Rithika singh in Vanangamudi, Santhini in Sathuranga vettai plays the heroine roles. In all these movies, he is married and he has a young school going child as he too believes that the audience nowadays expect a middle aged hero to play such roles only unlike the previous generation where a 50 year old hero would be accepted  by the audience when he plays the role of a college student.

He also added that it is
very important to play the roles that suit him based on the likes and dislikes of the audience.


By Sai Vignesh T

Tamil film named "Vaigai Express" is all set for release. Casts include R.K Selvamani as hero, Nasser, Neetu chandra, M.S.Basker etc.

Trailer release for this movie happened at Vadapalani, Chennai recently.During that function, well renowned actor Nasser said that it is disheartening to know that the film industry known for its richness is under loss now and there are lot of people who are working day in and day out like the directors, production unit etc are not getting the reward for their hard work.

He also said that there are strangers nowadays waiting outside to stop the release of any upcoming film and they get court approvals too for stopping the release.

He also wanted the production unit to make a note of the way in which the film tickets are being sold for this upcoming
film "Vaigai express".  Therefore it is responsibility of everyone to save the film industry by implementing some new ideas so as to overcome the problems faced by others.


By Our Special Correspondent / N.THYAGARAJAN

Ulaganayakan Dr Kamal Hassan has asked his fans to avoid celebrating his birthday falling on November 7th.

The actor in an appeal has clearly stated that the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa has been undergoing medical treatment at Chennai Apollo Hospital. He has added that when the CM was treated at the hospital, he did not wish to celebrate his birthday.

A few days ago, Super Star Rajinikanth visited the hospital and inquired the health condition of the Chief Minister. Rajinikanth was happy after he heard the Chief Minister was responding to the medical treatment being given in the hospital.

Caravan vehicles in a way separates links between actors at the shooting spots

By N.Thyagarajan

Caravan vehicles hired in film shootings exclusively for leading artistes divide links between actors, said Actress Nirosha in her interview to SUN TV Channels' Suriya Vanakkam.

She says in her days she used to watch the continuity of the scenes that were shot. Sitting in caravan vehicles has made the actors,   had separated what was going on in shootings, thus making them totally strangers to the films in which they act.

The actor further added that her actor-husband Ramkee was a good critique and used to praise her if she had done her roles in Thamarai, a serial of Sun Tv Channel. He would also point out that she could have done her role in more appealing way in some scenes with keeping her eyes and body languages.

The interview of the Channel was though crisp for 20 minutes or so, the actress Nirosha gave details about her role in films and as well in tv channel soaps.

Actress Savithri life history to be made a film

The reel and real life of Yesteryears actress of Tamil and Telugu films Savithri will be made as films in Tamil and Telugu versions. The late Tamil film actor Late Sivaji Ganesan who was blessed with the title Nadigar  Thilagam for his acting in films, this actress also won the title as Nadigaiyar Thilagam.

The proposed films will bring important events in her film career and will highlight her personal life as well.

To quote a very few of films which had fetched her good names were Pasamalar with Sivaji Ganesan, Kalathur Kannamma with Gemini Ganesan and Kamal Hassan as an young boy and Kai Kodutha Deivam, Navarathri and many more to mention.

The actress had seen vicissstitudes in her life during her pinnacle of her career and won the hearts of people of Tamil Nadu and elsewhere in the country.

The films about this actress will be produced after several of her life history written in various books, magazines of those years. It has been said, she was the first actress to construct a swimming pool in her house. She was a rich but became penniless after she produced films.

Making the film on the life history of an actress who still live in the minds of people was not a difficult task, but the late actress'family members should give a nod. Without mentioning the life history of Gemini Ganesan who married the actress, it would not complete to  make a film about the actress.

Now, both actress and actors families should give a nod to produce films (?)

No Shooting from July 27, says Producers Council

Shooting of all Tamil films will be stopped from July 27th onwards, says Tamil Film Producers Council
In a meeting held recently with the FEFSI workers and the Producers Council, the workers demanded more wages. The Producers council felt, that the demand was more, which could not be borne by the producers.

Following to reach an amicable talk between the Council and FEFSI workers, it was decided to stop forthwith all the shootings from July 27th.




One may get wealth more than what is needed, but whether he is fortunate to enjoy whatever he earned in his life time? besides, wealth, the life would be nil for a person without any close relatives and friends.

But for our Indian Superstar Rajinikanth, he is very very fortunate to become grandfather for the third time. His daugher Soundarya Ashwin recently delivered a male baby in a hospital in Chennai. Earlier, his eldest daughter Aishwarya who got married actor Dhanush had delivered two male babies and for the Superstar whenever he finds time, he used to play with his two grandchildren.

Now the birth of another male-baby for his second daughter, has added the Superstar to spend his leisure time to play with the new arrival.

Life is precious.Our Superstar's sincere prayers to Almighty, with Shri Raghavendra has been always responsive and is blessed with many more wealth, not alone the materialistic one. He has a lot of friends, relatives and fans throughout the world which are good wealth for a person, other than currency notes.

He has the vision of treating good and bad always equally, but in the professional front as an actor, he is very sincere, says many of his film colleagues. They say, they had seen an actor with more responsibilities next to the Late actor Shivaji Ganesan. 'Punctuality' is the hallmark of Shivaji Ganesan. So also to our Superstar Rajinikanth, whose real name is Shivaji Gaekwad.

Actor, the Superstar never interested to become a politician, but he has been interested in leading spiritual life, by frequenting Himalayas many number of times and he is interested to continue, says many film fraternities.

Will it be possible for him to visit the Himalayan mountain again, if his grand children are smile at him and making him to fall again to dip into the ocean of samsara bandham?

Awards for Women Achievers

By Sai Vignesh.T
JFW is one of south india's most popular women's magazine. It will host the 7th edition of its Women Achievers Awards at Sir Muthu Venkata Subba Rao Hall in chennai on Oct 3,2014.This year the awardees include Saranya Ponvannan, Sowcar Janaki,Priya Ravichander, Manju Latha Kalanidhi,PV Sindhu, Lakshmi Menon, Dipika Pallikal, Joshna Chinnappa,Priyadarshini Govind and Mariazeena Johnson.The magazine which started in the year 2007, hosted its first awards in 2008.The vent will be telecast on SUN tv.

Please contribute..... An appeal

Please contribute to work without thinking of money

" It is very difficult to run blog, for bringing information from various sources who live around us. I spend huge sum to get news items from various sources. I have total of four blogs all talking about Tamil films, Tamil Tv soaps and about actors and actresses.

I spend a lot for making out these blogs readable without bringing in adult-stuff.

I may be grateful to the people, if they able to contribute liberally in favour of me to run all the blogs to bring latest information, it would be helpful to me.

My name is : N.Thyagarajan, live in India.

My address is: AC Block, No.28, Tod Hunter Nagar, Saidapet, Chennai-600015, India South.

You can write to me: ntrajanstar@gmail.com.



Chandramukhi and Koripalayam fame actress Sujee Bala has recently filed a complaint with the police against her lover P.Ravi Kumar, stating that he had threatened her by telling that he would throw acid on her face.

When Ravikumar was directing Unmai, a Tamil film, with Sujee, both fell in love and they started moving freely, according to the director. An engagement between the actress and the director had taken place, according to the actress' complaint, but the marriage did not take place, as the actress' family members wanted to cancel the marriage.

The actress has further stated that whatever the articles that the director gave to her at the time of engagement were returned to him.She further added that the director had already married someone and have two children.

" He did not like me again coming back to films for acting, hence, he started threatening me and has started threatening us, by telling that he would attack my parents and acid would be thrown on her", hence she has appealed to the Commissioner of Police to take suitable action against Ravi Kumar.

Director Ravi Kumar in an interview to Daily Thanthi, a Tamil daily, has said that he and Sujee lived like husband and wife. He said the love between them was started when he was directing Unmai, film.An engagement also took between them. " But Sujee made an attempt to commit suicide"  said Ravi Kumar. So the marriage between them had been cancelled.

The director further added that when he again started the Unmai film shooting, she started moving with the director very closely as was before. She presented a gold chain to the director.

When I went to a dance school in Royapettah in Chennai, I saw a photo of Sujee hugging with another man in the Face Book. I asked her who he was. Then she started arguing with me and said that was her wish to have friendship with anyone. " On hearing this, I got angry and slapped on her face, but I did not tell, that I would throw acid on her" said the director.

Will the police arrest the Director or not, but it is purely based on the personal inquiries that the police would make with Director Ravi Kumar, said police sources.


 Renowned film director and cinematographer Balu Mahendra, whose creations like 'Azhiyatha Kolangal', 'Moontram Pirai', 'Veedu', 'Santhiya Ragam' and 'Vanna Vanna Pookal'  has made a remarkable history in Tamil films , died in Chennai on Thursday. He was 75 and is survived by his wife and son.
The legendary director and cinematographer's body will be kept at his film school ‘Cinema Pattarai’ in Dasarathapuram, Saligramam for fans and well-wishers to pay homage.
The director was a native of Amirthakali in Sri Lanka. Balu Mahendra, came to India to study at the Film Institute at Pune. He studied cinematography as he could not get admission into other sepcialisations offered and completed the course with a gold medal in 1969.



" I wanted to get into media while I was a student of the VIT University, but I never thought of becoming an actress" said actress Bindhu Madhavi, who was here to participate in the 19th Annual Alumni Meet of the VIT University, on Sunday, (VITAA Day-2014).
Madhavi was a B.Tech, (Bio-technolgy student) of the VIT University, who passed out from the college in the year 2006, was one among the several alumnus who participated in Alumnus meet.
" When I used to tell some of my colleagues, mostly actors and directors,  that I was a student of the VIT University no body believed me. In fact when I was student here, I wanted to receive some awards from the University, but that had happened now only" says Madhavi.

" Really, I am surprised to  receive the Chancellor's award, today" said the budding actress. She added that the University had grown and with the increase in the students strength of more than 20,000. I felt happy after I met some of my teachers" said Bindhu Madhavi.
 When Bindhu Madhavi was the University's student, she wanted to become a model. "I sent my photos to some advertisement companies while I was studying here.A commercial establishment running chain of shops in Chennai offered me to act in their advertisement film. Another gold jewelers shop gave me next chance. I thought my life would be over with acting in advertisements in films, but to my surprise I had the role of Anjali in the Tamil film Pokkisham" says Madhavi.
Now Madhavi has a credit of acting in more than 13 films which included six Telugu films. The shootings of the Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavaniyam, Tamil film was over, and the film is likely to be released in February last week. Besides, Madhavi is acting in films like Kalukkara Mappillai opposite Vishnu. The shootings of  Tamilukku En Kalakkam is going on, said Madhavi.
" I always wanted to do positive characters, and I wish to act with actor Ajith"  said Madhavi and added she wanted to establish in films doing urban-girl roles now.
I try to improve my acting by watching several films, as part of my acting exercise, adds humbly, the actress.



TV Serial Hari Giri Assembly episode fame and comedian of Tamil Films, 49-year-old Chitti Babu died in Chennai Royapettah Government Hospital on Friday evening. Babu who had acted in more than 100 films in comedy roles was suffering from sugar complaint. Last week, Chitti felt uneasiness and was admitted to a private hospital in Anna Nagar. But his condition had worsened and was taken to the ICU Government hospital. Doctors who attended on him said Babu was suffering from coma and chances for survival were remote. On Friday, he breathed his last. Babu was survived by his wife and three children.

Respect not on the basis of women

Actor Parvathi Menon from kerala who became famous as Panimalar in the Tamil film “Mariyan” pours her heart out during the interview. When asked about the feedback which she got through “Mariyan”, she told that there were both positive and negative comments and it is up to us to take good things out of it as we know ourselves better than others. She is very particular about her role and doesn’t consider the popularity of the star with whom she is part of the film as this would make her feel nervous which in turn affects the performance. Parvathi firmly believes in the respect shown to her as a human being and not on the basis of caste, creed, sex or religion. She would like to be seen as human being who has got all the freedom in this world and not as men or women. She also added that she would like to take up challenging roles and learn new things/concepts during the process and doesn’t worry about doing few number of movies in a year. At last she compared a successful film to a delicious Biryani in which the Actors and the people behind the screens as the items/ingredients required for cooking. She finally adds that she is very happy to be even a small cashew nut in the entire making.  


                                                                                 By T.Sai Vignesh

Comedy Actor Santhanam's residence at Teynampet,chennai was raided by the Income Tax Officials due to the charges of earning lakhs of rupees as salary.It seems that he is charging more than 10 lakhs per day for the shoot.The officials who went in search of the black money,locked the gate and  procured some important files and documents after a thorough search in every nook and corner of the house.

In the same manner,houses and officers of producers like R.B.Choudhury,Gnanavel Raja and A.M.Rathnam were raided.Gnanavel raja' house at thyagaraya nagar including his Studio Green,A.M.Rathnam's house at valasaravakkam became the potential targets.

 R.B.chowdhury is currently producing the film "Jilla" starring vijay.Gnanavel Raja's"All in all azhaguraja" and A.M.Rathnam's "Aarambam"will be released tomorrow for diwali.It seems that in chennai nearly 23 places were raided.


By T.Sai Vignesh

Directors always have respect for Anushka shetty because of her outstanding performance in the film "Arundhathi".She too make sure that not even in the least of her dreams the confidence or the respect shown is shattered.In her upcoming tamil movie titled "Erandam ulagam" she does dual role for the very first time,and it seems that she had gone few steps ahead to prove her acting skills.
                                           So on the occasion of the audio release of this movie held at chennai and Andhra,Director Selvaraghavan had all words of appreciation for Anushka which embarrassed her to a certain extent.Director said that she will be considered as the hero of this story because of her splendid
dual role performance,though Arya is the real one who deserves that title.He also added that unknowingly a brother-sister relationship started to develop between the two.Atlast SelvaRaghavan thanked the producer and other members of the crew for having given him such a talented and kind-hearted sister to work with through this movie "Erandam Ulagam".


By T.Sai Vignesh

Last year, Dhanush has become popular through "Why this Kolaveri" song. He expected that with this popularity he could sneak into Bollywood too through the film "Raanjhanaa"("Ambikapathy" in tamil).Though this movie was a flop in Tamil,it is a box office hit in Hindi.It seems that Kollywood hero Dhanush had a strict 'no' for all the Hollywood chances, as he is busy with the shooting schedules of movies like "Velaiyilla pattadhari" and "Anekan".Dhanush said that in his debut, people passed funny remarks at him. Being a hero of  the movie which had landed him to act in hindi films too.He also added that the refusal to act in Hollywood movies is not because of his fear of becoming butt of jokes for somebody else but to focus on the work which he is currently doing. However he is very much confident of making a mark in Hollywood too,if he wishes.


By T.Sai Vignesh

When one says thalai,what comes to mind is kollywood star Ajith kumar. His upcoming movie "Aarambam" starring Aarya ,Nayanthara,Tapsee  and other famous film stars is set to light the entire Tamil Nadu on the holy occasion of Diwali.
With other heroes avoiding to act after their first round of pairing with Nayan, Ajith is surely an exception as he readily agreed to work with her once again after the movie "Billa" as long as she fits the given role.When this news reached the ears of Nayanthara, she had all words of praise for Ajith saying that it is difficult to see a human being  like him without any ego.

Unlike other stars who would like to get their scenes done first as soon as they reached the shooting spot, Ajith arrives and patiently waits for the things to get over.He even has his words of advice and tips for the other actors in the film so as to bring out a successful movie.


Suman Ranganathan makes a come back in the film Aarambam starring famous stars like Ajith and Aarya.People would not have forgotten Suma who acted in movies like Managarakaval,Perumpulli,Puthupaatu as she re enters tamil film industry after 18

long years.After her exit from the Kollywood she began her carrier in kannada, Telugu  and Hindi movies.She even went to the extent of becoming an item girl in some Bollywood films after doing some  family oriented roles.
Director Vishnuvardhan,when approached her for this movie, she initially neglected the offer.But once the director made her realize the weightage that her role carries in this film in the midst of big stars like Ajith,Aarya etc,she accepted it without any denial.When asked about her future journey through kollywood,she said that the decision would be taken after the release of "Aarambam".


Super Star Rajinikanth, of late, has included visiting Sri Raghavendra Marriage Hall, near Ashok Nagar in Chennai. According to sources, Rajini has been visiting the Marriage hall for the last two days, to discuss about several of his fans and the employees of the hall.
Many VIPs in the tinsel-world also make visit to the marriage hall, either for discussion of stories in which Rajini will be acting, the sources close to a film production unit said. It is also said, the Super Star will be appearing in a film likely to be produced as Purandhara Dasar, a saint-composer who lived during 14th century India
People had seen Rajini as Sri Raghavendra in a film produced by ace director K.Balachander. Perhaps, in order to feed many of his fans, Rajini has decided to appear as Purandhara Dasar.

Like Sri Raghavendra which made a record-collection the new film on the Saint-Composer would make Rajini another Super & Super Star in India and world, it is said.
Many of his fans and well wishers who after came to know after the Super Star's visit, were queuing up outside the gate of Sri Raghavendra Marriage Hall, to have a glance of him.



Raja Rani film fame Nasriya who has earned the reputation of good actress has filed a complaint against Naiyandi film producer and director Sargunam for morphing her image in a loving scene with the help of another actress. In her complaint, she was not willing to act in the scene of Naiyandi when the film producer and director Sargunam had asked her.

Then with the help of modern equipment, an actress waist was filmed as if the hero was embracing her and morphed. The scene had come out posters, she had complained in her letter. She also wanted the producer to remove the scene from the film, as she feels this would disrepute her image.

In Naiyandi, Dhanush is the hero opposite to Nasriya. When asked Nasriya said that she did not have any enmity with Dhanush, but she was sure of removing the particular scene from the film.
Super Star Rajinikanth, of late, has included visiting Sri Raghavendra Marriage Hall, near Ashok Nagar in Chennai. According to sources, Rajini has been visiting the Marriage hall for the last two days, to discuss about several of his fans and the employees of the hall.

Many VIPs in the tinsel-world also make visit to the marriage hall, either for discussion of stories in which Rajini will be acting, the sources close to a film production unit said. It is also said, the Super Star will be appearing in a film likely to be produced as Purandhara Dasar, a saint-composer who lived during 14th century India.
of the hall.

People had seen Rajini as Sri Raghavendra in a film produced by ace director K.Balachander. Perhaps, in order to feed many of his fans, Rajini has decided to appear as Purandhara Dasar.
Like Sri Raghavendra which made a record-collection the new film on the Saint-Composer would make Rajini another Super Super Star in India and world, it is said.

Many of his fans and well wishers who after came to know after the Super Star's visit, were queuing up outside the gate of Sri Raghavendra Marriage Hall, to have a glance of him.



Roja film fame Madhubala who has settled down in Mumbai after her marriage has been making try to come back to films. Madhubala who performed well in the Roja film has carved a niche for herself through this film. With her beautiful appearance in the film she had stole the hearts of many of the film goers
After two decades, Roja who has put on weight without loosing her charm in her appearance, says she wanted to do number of Tamil films and she would be prepared to act in films produced and directed by Mani Ratnam. She owes her gratitude to Mani Ratnam and she would act in his film. She added that she would act in Mani Ratnam's Roja Part two, in a meaty role, if it is produced by him.

Sri Priya to direct Malayalam remake

Sri Priya who has carved a niche for herself in 70s and 80s through her acting as heroine in various Tamil films with leading heroes like Shivaji Ganesan, Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth and many other leading artistes, is coming back as director to remake the Malayalam film 22 Female Kottayam into Tamil.

Earlier the actress has directed Naney Varuven and Santhi Muhuratham and started acting in TV soaps. But this did not stop her from the film world.

Hence, she has decided to direct the Malayalam remake into Tamil and it is said the actress who turns director is waiting for good hero and heroine for the film.

Anjali says that she was not kidnapped

No one has kidnapped me and the time will come I will explain everything to everyone, said actress Anjali in a telephonic conversation to her elder brother Ravisankar. She narrated him, saying that her step-mother and step-father wanted to swindle away her money and also allegedly beat her. Hence she could not tolerate it and ran out of hotel where she was staying.

Meanwhile, the aunt of the actree Bharathi Devi had filed a habeas-corpus petition with the High Court seeking to produce the actress in the court.

The actress wanted to withdraw the complaints that she was missing and but she requested her brother not to withdraw the complaint filed against her mother Bharathi Devi and her husband.

Actress Anjali got electric shock when she came into contact with live-wire

Suddenly a busy shooting spot in Chennai came to a grinding halt, when the Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu fame actress Anjali cried for a help. Not knowing what had happened to the actress, the people in the sets including light-boys and other technicians were shocked as to what should be done to the actress.
Then one of the technicians noted that the actress was in contact with a live-wire and got electric shock, luckily she escaped from the shock. Buttermilk to the set was brought to the actress to have a sip, but before that a doctor was called for who said that the actress was out of danger.

Film PRO P.T.Selvakumar flying high in between fame and money clouds

Mr P.T.Selvakumar, who has a long-standing reputation of being Public Relations Officer in the Kollywood and also a PRO to actor Vijay  for more than 20 years ,has produced the comedy film Onbudhula Guru which will hit tomorrow in not less than 300 theaters.
Selvakumar has written dialogues and also did direction of the film Onbudhula Guru, in which Vinay plays opposite Lakshmi Rai. Roopashree, Arvind, Akash, Sham and several others have appeared in the film.Director K.S.Ravi Kumar appears in a character role.The song, Vaa .. machi..  vaa.. Vettaivittu..written by Paa.Vijay has become a superhiteven before the film’s release. The song had more than 2 lakhs hits on the website.Power Star Srinivasan has danced for a song Alaiyadha Summa Summa, which is also another hit song of the film.Chelladurai has done the cinematography and ‘K has done the Music direction for the film.The shootings of the film were shot at important locales in Karnataka, especially in Bangalore and Chennai.  

I will support Akshara unconditionally: Kamal Hassan

Akshara the younger daughter of Kamal Hassan as of now assisting on films and the choice of acting in films is left with her and after certain point, she had to decide about either to work behind the camera or before it, said Kamal Hassan in an interview. Kamal said that he would lend his unconditional support to her.

Kamal had to mortgage his Chennai house to a private moneylender to produce film. Kamal has repaid the money but mortgaged in a bank to pay off the money lender. With the film  Vishwaroopam garnering revenue,  he would redeem the house document from the bank.


Very recently actress Reema Sen is blessed with a male baby at a Delhi Private Maternity Hospital. Reema who has married an Industrialist Shiv Karan Singh, has been running her family happily. The actress who has become popular by virtue of her acting talents as heroine and in vampire character finally married Singh and settled down in Delhi.

Now the actress turned to be a mother of a child and is happy about giving birth a male child.
On coming to know that his actress-wife was blessed with a baby, he bought several kilograms of sweets and distributed them to his friends and relatives.


Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Hassan's fans who wanted that their Thalaivar should act again with actress Sri Devi will be satisfied soon. The successful actor-producer is now writing a script for actress Sri Devi. Though Kamal and Sri Devi appeared in several films, Moondram Pirai and Vazhvey Mayam had fetched them a great name and in those days both the films are considered as the Golden Age of Kamal-Sri Devi combinations.

Sri Devi who was seen in Vinglish English recently could surely be seen teaming up with Kamal Hassan and reportedly it has been understood that Kamal Hassan has confirmed the news.If both jointly appear in the film, one could say that it is revival of Tamil film industry's Golden Age.

Kamal said, that after the script work is over, he would sit with Sri Devi for a discussion, a source said.

Actress Padma Priya for higher studies in NY

It is likely the actress Padma Priya, a BBA graduate will leave for the USA for her higher education at the New York University.

Now the actress has been doing MBA in the New York University and to further her higher studies she might leave for US soon, according to sources.

Some of the producers who are very keen on giving roles to the actress are disappointed, after Padma Priya refused the offer to act in their films at least for another six months, it is learnt.

Very recently Padma Priya left for the USA and returned India and now she is planning to go again to complete her MBA and to enroll herself for a new management course in the University.


Actor and Producer Kamal Hassan on Saturday agreed to edit sound clips in seven scenes in Vishwaroopam at a six-hour meeting held on Saturday between the actor and leaders of various Muslim outfits and various government officials.

It is likely the film will be released in cinema halls in Tamil Nadu on February 8th.

Mr Kamal Hassan thanked the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa and the TN Home Secretary R.Rajagopal for arranging a meeting between the Muslim outfits and paved way for the release of the film.

The TN government has lifted the ban on screening the movie throughout the state after the agreement has reached. The 31 districts of the state also lifted the ban on exhibiting the film in cine theaters.

Meanwhile, thousands of the actor's fans thronged the house of Kamal Hassan, on hearing the happy news and wanted to know the exact date on which the film will be released.

Rajini appeals for ban on Vishwaroopam lifted

Superstar Rajinikanth wants the ban on the release of Vishwaroopam to be lifted immediately.

The Superstar who met some of news persons on Friday said that he has been Mr Kamal Hassan's friend for over 40 years and had never seen Kamal hurting the feelings of anyone. In order to clear the wrong notion that the Vishwaroopam was filmed in which the Muslims and Islam was portrayed in poor light, Kamal had exhibited the film to many belonged to the religion.

More over, Kamal had invested around Rs.100 crores and added that how much of trouble he underwent to produce the film, Rajinikanth said.

So Rajini has appealed to lift the ban immediately and allow the film to be released.

According to a TV Channel report, a person who watched the film in a theater in Hyderabad said that Vishwaroopam was no in way portrayed the Muslims in poor light. The same reason was given by girl who watched the movie in Bangalore on Friday.

So it is hoped, that the ban on the movie will be lifted after Jan.28th.

Vishwaroopam release banned for another 15 days

Following protests from a section of Muslim outfits, the TN Government in a special meeting convened at the Secretariat on Wednesday has ordered to ban the release of the mega-star film Vishwaroopam for two weeks.

The government on Wednesday instructed all the district collectors to prevent the screening of the film for two weeks by invoking prohibitory orders under section 144 of the Cr PC, citing a possible Law and Order situation in the run-up to Milad-ul- Nabi.

It is understood that the ban order to this effect was faxed to all the District Collectors of the TN state.

While Kamal Hassan is in the USA for the film's release in theaters, the ban could prove a major set back for the producer, Kamal Hassan. The film was produced in tri-lingual.

It is understood, the TN Chief Minister Jayalalithaa reviewed the situation of Law and Order in the TN state and discussed about it with the high-level-officials at the Secretariat, soon after she returned from Kodanad.

The decision also came after the representatives of the 24 Muslim organisations and some political parties under the banner of Federation of Muslim Organisations met the Home Secretary R.Rajagopal. The Federation members pointed out that their religion was portrayed in poor light and it would disturb the communal harmony.

In an interview to a news channel, very recently, Kamal Hassan has said that the people belonged to Muslim community would appreciate the film after they watched it. " Muslims are like my brothers and sisters and this will come to know about it only after they watched the film" said Kamal Hassan.

Producers should help out small producers- Parthiban

Film producers should help for the promotion of small-budgeted film, appealed film producer, director and actor Parthiban at the Naduvala Konjam Pakkatha Kanom film's 50th day celebration that took place in Chennai in Rani Seethai Hall, very recently.

Pointing out the last year's Tamil films, that most of the films that were produced in small-budget became super-hits and welcomed the growth of the small-budgeted films in the state had been prospering now. There was a time, that the films produced in those days were released with small-budget and nowadays, this had become big, because of huge expenditure, that the producers in course of time meted out.

Parthiban said that small-budgeted films were given publicities in a big way was another added reason for theose films becoming success.

Parthiban appealed that the film producers could take note of it and help out the small-budget films.

At the function Vijay Sethupathy, Gayathri, director K.V.Anand participated. Attakathi director Ranjith, Aarohanam director Lakshmi Ramakrishnan.

Shwetha Menon with her female baby

No actress has so far brought their babies in shooting spots and acting before cameras. But actress Shwetha Menon is different.

She brings her daughter always with her in shooting spots and takes the baby into her arms whenever she finds time. For her motherhood is something unique and holy.

The actress who was recently seen at the shooting of spot of Kalimannu, says that she had named her baby Sabarina, means beautiful girl. The actress says, her husband had chosen the name for the baby and she tells she enjoys everyday with the girl-baby.



Finally, the Raj Kamal film has announced to premiere its 95-crore mega-budget film Vishwaroopam through Direct-to-home (DTH) platforms on February 2. The film will be released in cinema-halls on January 25th.

It is understood that Kamal is interested to reduce the price of the film
for a show from Rs.1000 on DTH platforms and is expected that the film would be premiered on February 2 thrice instead of one single show as was planned earlier, since the decision of exhibiting the show through DTH a day before its release was changed.

The decision to premiere the show through the DTH  after the film's release in cine theaters was arrived at following discussions and hour-long talks with some cine theater owners, it is learnt. The film in Hindi and Telugu versions will be released in February 1 and it would be come to DTH platforms for subscribers who make payments on February 2.

There are around 7.5 million DTH subscribers throughout India,and how many of them will be willing to subscribe for the DTH show, will come to light only after the shows.

However, there is no dispute in saying that Dr Kamal Hassan is the first man to introduce premiering new film through the DTH platforms and taking the film on the vertex of the film industry throughout India.

Vishwaroopam release may take a little postponement

Screening of a single-show of Vishwaroopam on DTH platforms 'shall' take place, instead of a day before its release in cinema theaters as was planned. Originally, the film was scheduled  for its release on January 11th, and the single-show of the film on DTH was fixed on January 10th. But this has changed now.

According to Mr Kamal Hassan, the decision of screening the film DTH and the release of the film would take place simultaneously, after consulting with some theater owners in Northern parts of the country to find out their good dates for its release. This he wanted to find out from some Andhra Pradesh theater owners too. Till then the release date of the film will remain suspense.

" I am the product owner, and I have every right to sell my product in the market and not out of any fear due to the threat calls or protests from a section of people that I received, I have been postponing the release date " said Kamal.

" I don't want to go in detail, and everything is taking place according to the law that governs " said Kamal.

Kamal says he is a business man adhering to the laws of the land and exploring this new avenue not for his own sake but for the entire film industry.

Kamal says that a total of only 3 percent people out of total population in the country are having the DTH connections.And how many would prefer to watch the movie for Rs.1000 for a show. Kamal is sure that this prevailing situation in no way will affect the revenue of theater owners.
The sound impact will be different and less while the film is watched on DTH platforms.


By N.Thyagarajan

Kamal Hassan who is on the verge of screening his latest film through DTH Platforms, a day before its release in cinema halls on Jan.11, on Sunday met the Additional Director General of Police T.K.Rajendran that he had been receiving death threats phone calls from anonymous persons asking him to stop the idea of DTH screening of the 95-crore budgeted film Vishwaroopam.

According to the latest information, the film would be screened for one time on January 10 through the DTH platforms.

The actor, who lodged a complaint with Additional DGP, the callers who threatened him, saying the movie would be pirated and power supply to the cinema screening it would be suspended. The actor while speaking to some newsmen reiterated that that despite the stiff opposition the film would be telecast in DTH format.

He further added that the threat callers told him saying that the movie will be pirated and power supply to the theaters screening the movie will be suspended. " I have lodged a complaint with the additional DGP and also gave the names of the persons who allegedly made phone calls to me".

The actors also sought protection for cinema halls where the film is getting released and requested the State Government's help and met state Home Secretary R.Rajagopal on the issue.

The film is getting released around 390 cinema halls, Kamal said.

Police begin investigation over Mahadevan's suicide

It is not yet known, whether the film playback singer and Carnatic musician, Nithyasree's husband Mahadevan had left any note before he allegedly committed suicide on Thursday. But the police began thorough inquiry as to what had led Mr Mahadevan, an Engineer by profession in a Central Government to take such an extreme step.

In an inquiry made, it came to the light that Mahadevan became depressed, due to his dear mother suddenly passing away some months ago. Since then, Mahadevan had been undergoing treatment at a private hospital, it is said. The police had inquired with some of the relatives of Nithyasree to find out was there any enmity between the Playback singer and Mahadevan.

Further investigations are on.