Respect not on the basis of women

Actor Parvathi Menon from kerala who became famous as Panimalar in the Tamil film “Mariyan” pours her heart out during the interview. When asked about the feedback which she got through “Mariyan”, she told that there were both positive and negative comments and it is up to us to take good things out of it as we know ourselves better than others. She is very particular about her role and doesn’t consider the popularity of the star with whom she is part of the film as this would make her feel nervous which in turn affects the performance. Parvathi firmly believes in the respect shown to her as a human being and not on the basis of caste, creed, sex or religion. She would like to be seen as human being who has got all the freedom in this world and not as men or women. She also added that she would like to take up challenging roles and learn new things/concepts during the process and doesn’t worry about doing few number of movies in a year. At last she compared a successful film to a delicious Biryani in which the Actors and the people behind the screens as the items/ingredients required for cooking. She finally adds that she is very happy to be even a small cashew nut in the entire making.