Chandramukhi and Koripalayam fame actress Sujee Bala has recently filed a complaint with the police against her lover P.Ravi Kumar, stating that he had threatened her by telling that he would throw acid on her face.

When Ravikumar was directing Unmai, a Tamil film, with Sujee, both fell in love and they started moving freely, according to the director. An engagement between the actress and the director had taken place, according to the actress' complaint, but the marriage did not take place, as the actress' family members wanted to cancel the marriage.

The actress has further stated that whatever the articles that the director gave to her at the time of engagement were returned to him.She further added that the director had already married someone and have two children.

" He did not like me again coming back to films for acting, hence, he started threatening me and has started threatening us, by telling that he would attack my parents and acid would be thrown on her", hence she has appealed to the Commissioner of Police to take suitable action against Ravi Kumar.

Director Ravi Kumar in an interview to Daily Thanthi, a Tamil daily, has said that he and Sujee lived like husband and wife. He said the love between them was started when he was directing Unmai, film.An engagement also took between them. " But Sujee made an attempt to commit suicide"  said Ravi Kumar. So the marriage between them had been cancelled.

The director further added that when he again started the Unmai film shooting, she started moving with the director very closely as was before. She presented a gold chain to the director.

When I went to a dance school in Royapettah in Chennai, I saw a photo of Sujee hugging with another man in the Face Book. I asked her who he was. Then she started arguing with me and said that was her wish to have friendship with anyone. " On hearing this, I got angry and slapped on her face, but I did not tell, that I would throw acid on her" said the director.

Will the police arrest the Director or not, but it is purely based on the personal inquiries that the police would make with Director Ravi Kumar, said police sources.

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