One may get wealth more than what is needed, but whether he is fortunate to enjoy whatever he earned in his life time? besides, wealth, the life would be nil for a person without any close relatives and friends.

But for our Indian Superstar Rajinikanth, he is very very fortunate to become grandfather for the third time. His daugher Soundarya Ashwin recently delivered a male baby in a hospital in Chennai. Earlier, his eldest daughter Aishwarya who got married actor Dhanush had delivered two male babies and for the Superstar whenever he finds time, he used to play with his two grandchildren.

Now the birth of another male-baby for his second daughter, has added the Superstar to spend his leisure time to play with the new arrival.

Life is precious.Our Superstar's sincere prayers to Almighty, with Shri Raghavendra has been always responsive and is blessed with many more wealth, not alone the materialistic one. He has a lot of friends, relatives and fans throughout the world which are good wealth for a person, other than currency notes.

He has the vision of treating good and bad always equally, but in the professional front as an actor, he is very sincere, says many of his film colleagues. They say, they had seen an actor with more responsibilities next to the Late actor Shivaji Ganesan. 'Punctuality' is the hallmark of Shivaji Ganesan. So also to our Superstar Rajinikanth, whose real name is Shivaji Gaekwad.

Actor, the Superstar never interested to become a politician, but he has been interested in leading spiritual life, by frequenting Himalayas many number of times and he is interested to continue, says many film fraternities.

Will it be possible for him to visit the Himalayan mountain again, if his grand children are smile at him and making him to fall again to dip into the ocean of samsara bandham?

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