Did GV preserve Bruce lee's culture ?

Few Kollywood stars have false hopes that if there are millions of followers for them in social media, they can rule the film industry like a king. But the fact is fans who follow them are more clever nowadays.

In support of Jallikattu, people who came forward for preserving Tamil Culture are none other than Ragava Lawrence and Musician cum director GV Prakash kumar.

However their true color became visible from Lawrence's movie "Motta siva ketta siva" and GV Praksh's "Bruce lee" in which there were a lot of scenes against the culture of our country.

Bruce lee was considered to be the 4th consecutive flop movie for GV Prakash in which there were a lot of vulgar words. Nowadays GV Prakash stopped tweeting about his future movies and remains mum. Fans too would like to see him as a music director and not as a hero with a kiddish look speaking some unknown bad words.

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