Bahupali to be released on April 28th in Karnataka state

After ace-actor Sathyaraj has tendered his open apology and requesting Kannadigas to give their support in releasing the Bahupali film in Karnataka, the Kannadigas gave up their protests. It is said due to the ace actor's comments, sometime ago, against the state, the Kannadigas were opposing the release of the film in their state. Sathyaraj had done a marvellous role in the film, which would fetch him a great name in his career of acting, as it was fetched through the Onbathu Rupai Notu film.

Sathyaraj tendering an open apology to Kannadigas, has been welcomed by the Kanndigas and it is expected that the people will lend their full support for the release and success of the film, say many.

It is likely the film Bahupali will be released on April 28th, sources said.

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